How to release

This is documenting the release process.

Git flow &

Make sure the is up to date and follows the guidelines. Start the release with git flow:

git flow release start YYYYMMDD

Now update the [Unreleased] section to match the new release version. Also update the version string in the file. Then commit and finish release.

git commit -a -m "YYYYMMDD"
git flow release finish

Push everything, make sure tags are also pushed:

git push
git push origin master:master
git push --tags

Publish to PyPI

This process is handled automatically by Travis. If needed below are the instructions to perform it manually. Build it:

make release/build

Check archive content:

tar -tvf dist/pyetheroll-*.tar.gz


make release/upload

This will also publish the alias meta package

Check Read the Docs

Make sure is up to date.


Got to GitHub Release/Tags, click “Add release notes” for the tag just created. Add the tag name in the “Release title” field and the relevant section in the “Describe this release” textarea field. Finally, attach the generated APK release file and click “Publish release”.