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Python library to Etheroll smart contract


Simply set bet size, chances and wallet settings before rolling:

from pyetheroll.etheroll import Etheroll

etheroll = Etheroll()
bet_size_ether = 0.1
bet_size_wei = int(bet_size_ether * 1e18)
chances = 50
wallet_path = 'wallet.json'
wallet_password = 'password'

transaction = etheroll.player_roll_dice(
    bet_size_wei, chances, wallet_path, wallet_password)

It’s also possible to set different contract address and chain ID:

from pyetheroll.constants import ChainID
from pyetheroll.etheroll import Etheroll

chain_id = ChainID.ROPSTEN
contract_address = '0xe12c6dEb59f37011d2D9FdeC77A6f1A8f3B8B1e8'
etheroll = Etheroll(chain_id, contract_address)

Find out more in docs/

API keys

Both Etherscan and Infura require API keys which are retrieved from the following environment variables:

  • ETHERSCAN_API_KEY (consumed by pyetheroll directly)
  • WEB3_INFURA_PROJECT_ID (consumed by


Latest stable release:

pip install pyetheroll

Development branch:

pip install --process-dependency-links \